AWA Food Solutions’ state-of-the-art facilities are the heart of our operations, the key to our success, and the reason we are capable of producing innovative solutions customized to the requirements of our loyal customers. Our fully-equipped, advanced factory, powder/liquid blending machines, application center, and laboratory allow us to develop the high-quality solutions, and test and validate our final products.


Our Facilities:

Factory, Borg El Arab, Alexandria, Egypt

Powder/ Liquid Blending Machines

Application Centre



Factory in Borg El Arab, Alexandria


Our Factory located in Borg El Arab, Alexandria, Egypt offers a wide range of modern equipment that insure "food safety principles" as well as "quality control" of raw materials.

Food Safety Process

Upon receiving raw materials at the factory, our experienced and trained teams start to assure that the ingredients are valid for the production process. This is done through chemical and microbiological tests to guarantee that production will meet customers' needs without any claims or deviations. Quality control for the raw materials themselves is firstly done then they are tested in the laboratory after mixture formulation. Once the results are totally tested and validated according to customers' requirements and specifications, they are then taken to the operation phase.

Operation Process of Raw Materials

During the production process, metal detector machines insure that the production chain and the raw material bags are clean without any trace of metals contamination. 

Blending Machines Facility


This facility contains all the mixing machines responsible for the actual solution blending processes. Our production facility has a fully equipped, technologically advanced blending facility which is specifically designed to support the mixing procedures for all solutions. Our blending machines have a very high production capacity and are daily monitored and checked to ensure the best hygienic conditions during operation. We have two types of blending machines, powder mixture machines as well as liquid mixture machines.

Liquid Blending Machines and Storage Facility

This facility manages all kinds of liquid sectors. According to our advanced equipment, we can mix all types of liquid ingredients to serve a lot of applications like cakes, biscuits, confectionery and other functions to improve final products.

Our storage facility has a massive amount of storage tanks responsible for storing all ingredients used for our solutions' formulation. Storage systems are designed to ensure that all ingredients of different types are safely and effectively stored for the timely retrieval upon need for any solution's production. At AWA Food Solutions, we store our ingredients according to the productions storage conditions.

Powder Blending Facility

AWA food solutions have a fully equipped, technologically advanced blending facility which is specifically designed to support the mixing procedures for all solutions. In addition to that, the work team are well trained on how mix the raw materials together  with keeping an open eye on how much the sample are homogenies and respond to each other in order to offer to our  customers an efficient product that will fulfil their needs in the market.   

Application Centre


AWA Food Solutions has a fully equipped, state of the highest technology application centre responsible for the production of all of our innovative solutions. This is where ideas are born, solutions are developed and final products are tested and validated. Our application centre is recognized for its excellence with a proven track record composed of hundreds of local and international customers.

Our company is committed to providing our customers with product prototypes for every application. We generate innovative ideas and use prototypes to turn these ideas into reality for our customers' full convenience. Our researchers develop presentable and convenient prototypes that help our customers with their technical services' requests to reach their desired solution formulation.

The company's application centre is opened for product trials through our "opened lab" philosophy. We believe that we need to operate through a certain level of transparency allowing our customers to be in on the production process. Our solutions are also developed and fully tested to save our customers time, money and resources. This way we can produce timely trials and have our customers' feedback in a prompt manner. Our "opened lab" philosophy ensures that we never waste our customers' time, money or resources on multiple trials and have them be a part of the creation process of innovative ideas.

Among our Advanced Equipment:

Stephan Cooker for processed cheese making and Sauces

General processing equipment for bakery products (Sheeter bread, dough machine, ovens, etc...)  

Tumbler for processed meat and chicken marination.

General processing equipment for meat products

Ice cream machine

Homogenizer and pasteurization line for dairy products and juices

Burger forming machine

Cheese vat machine for white cheese products 



In order to perfect our raw materials and finished products, we abide by our "quality assurance lab" testing systems. These ensure that the product is up to the highest quality standards that help us meet with our customers' needs and requirements. First, the raw materials pass by a chemical and microbiology test in order to assure that the ingredients are reliable for production. Our chemists also ensure the proper hygiene conditions in the lab by continually checking the cleanliness and safety of equipment.

At AWA Food Solutions' lab we analyse the mixtures' viscosity, penetration, homogeneity, and many other functions.  Testing is performed for raw materials to ensure that they're good to go into production as well as for final products. After production phase is done, the finished product is analyzed to ensure that the production process was completed successfully. Two tests are made for assurance, one is a chemical test and the other is a microbiology test. The following are some of the equipment available in our chemical lab as well as our microbiology lab: