Mission & Vision


Corporate & Social Vision 

To be recognized as the region’s leading supplier of innovative, high quality, healthy, and tailor-made solutions, while striving to deliver environmentally safe food solutions to our communities.

People Vision

To respect and care for our entire team as an integral part of our vision. We invest in our people in terms of training, assessment, reward, and offering them a stable work atmosphere that facilitates high productivity.

Customer Vision

To increasingly understand the unique needs of our customers and how they want things to be done. That’s why we always “put customers first” at AWA Food Solutions. We continuously strive to create solutions that fit our customers’ needs and ensure their brands’ market success.


AWA Food Solutions’ mission is to utilize our unique business model for the design, production, and marketing of functional ingredients in the form of solutions. Our business model is fully based on innovation, research, and development of effective technical solutions that ensure superior quality, cost effective prices, and customer needs adaptability.

Values & Principles

Innovation and creativity

All AWA Food Solutions professionals are highly innovative and creative. They are trained and educated to carefully examine customers' needs and accordingly develop the innovative solution that best suits the customer's applications.

Health and Nutrition Consciousness

One of our most appreciated values is health consciousness. At AWA Food Solutions, employees are conscious that all solutions should be both healthy and of a high nutritional value.

Quality and Safety Reliability

AWA Food Solutions' work team shares a great deal of integrity when it comes to quality and safety assurance. Customers can always rely on our choice of the best quality solutions for their applications as well as the food and environment safety.

Efficiency and Punctuality

All work team members understand the value of time and respect delivery agreements. They are trained to work around the clock to ensure that their customers' needs arrive exactly on time and adhere to the exact agreed upon requirements.